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          Lightweight. Simple. Fast.

          ABS Disposable Formworks are concrete shaping structures made of recycled plastic that is used only once. They are also called void formers, permanent formworks or single-use formworks. They create reinforced concrete raised ?oors up to 300 cm, thus providing a light, fast, easy and economical ?lling in any structure. Reinforced concrete raised ?oors are constructed faster and easier, are lighter weight and are more economical than conventional ?lling applications.

          ABS Disposable Formworks can be used for any sort of lightweight ?lling application. Uses include sunken slab ?llings, landscape ?llings to create a hard surface, inverted beam ?llings, ?llings between foundation footings, carpark ramps, pool decks, elevator/staircase hallway ?llings and crawlspace construction.

          In addition, reinforced concrete raised ?oors created with disposable formworks can be used instead of modular raised ?oors by adding a grid of simple junction boxes to the system.



          You may reach hundreds of disposable formwork reference projects and their details by clicking the link below. We are adding almost every week new ABS Disposable Formworks reference project to our reference page.

          Why should you choose ABS YAPI for disposable formworks?

          süpervisyon hizmetleri

          Our references

          As the lead supplier of disposable formworks in Turkey, our products were preferred not only in large and prestigious projects but also in small job sites.
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          Installation Services

          Whether with lump-sum or progress payment methods, our expert and experienced teams also install disposable formworks getting the site ready for concrete.
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          Inventory availability and fast delivery

          We keep high inventory levels, thus we can guarantee fast deliveries.

          On site supervision and control services

          We not only help you with supply of products but we also support you after sales on site with installation of disposable formworks and concrete pouring.
          Mühendislik ??zümleri

          Engineering and project solutions

          We provide the most applicable and cost effective solution through our engineering and control services.
          geri al?m garantisi

          Buy back guarantee

          We buy back unused products helping you with cost savings.

          Our experienced technical team in disposable formworks

          ?zkan Demir
          Product Manager

          Feyza ?en
          Product Manager

          Yücel Kaya
          Product Manager

          Gizem ?ahin
          Product Manager

          Mustafa Kaya
          Product Manager

          Please contact us to lighten your buildings, shorten your construction time and reduce your costs.

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